How Does It Work

What Is TeenBeautyFitness.TV And How Does It Work?

Web browser mining has been in the news recently, receiving both praise and criticism.  The criticism comes from parties that add browser mining to their websites without informing the user (we inform our users).  The praise comes from the possibility of displaying ad free content or even premium content in exchange for mining cryptocurrency.  Nothing needs to be installed and nothing remains once the website is closed.  While visitors watch our streaming videos, some extra CPU power from their computer is utilized in order to “mine” cryptocurrency.  Fans that want premium content can continue to mine for longer periods of time, not just while they’re watching, and earn enough credits in order to exchange them for account funds on premium website,  In order for your mining to be tracked, you have to register here on  Then whenever you watch videos (and mine) you generate credits for your account.  To generate even more credits, you can click the link inside your profile page to bring you to a third party website miner we created (not related to teen modeling) but will track your mining/earn you credits.

I’ve made it so that the miner would need to be left on for an entire week, running at 30 hashes per second, to generate enough credits for one product on TM4B.   One product on TM4B costs 5$ but we will actually only make 50 cents to a dollar from a week’s worth of mining at 30 hashes per second (most modern CPUs will run faster than this).  I’m doing it this way because it would take too long for someone to mine and receive something in return otherwise, and I’m hoping I can get a lot of people that don’t want to pay for content, interested in mining for content, so that this will all be worthwhile.

Times are changing, this is an experiment of sorts, and it won’t be easy.  Our TM4B Members that like the way the site is running already, don’t need to take part in this.  They can get our best content the quickest by sending bitcoin, the same as always.  TeenBeautyFitness.TV is an attempt to give others a “free” option to still enjoy our content, directly from us instead of from pirates, in exchange for CPU power.  I wrote “free” in quotes because CPU power does cost electricity, you might see a 50 cent – 1 dollar increase on your electricity bill.  It will take at least ten thousand people to make this worthwhile.  Are there at least ten thousand people interested in our content that aren’t currently supporting members on TM4B?  Let’s find out

Videos on TeenBeautyFitness.TV will stream in 720p.  The 1080p and 4K versions will only be available for download on

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